For Discussion Answers

*What perspective is represented in Josephus’ reconstruction of what happen at Masada?

Joesephus perspective on reconstructing of what happened at masada was a pretty bias because he had and was in favour of the Romans. Josephus was bias against his people because he was presured by the Romans because they would kill him if he was to say anything bad or wrong about them.   

*What perspective does Yadin offer?

Yigal Yadin’s perspective was bias as well but against the Romans not the Jews. he called the Jews patriotic and was proud of there defences of Masada.

*What purposes can you identify in the reconstruction of Josephus and Yadin? Josephus had said that the Sicarii had killed them selves in the final hours of Masada. On the other hand Yigal Yadin had said that the Romans had fought with the Sicarii to the end and were deafeated slaughtered and put into the slave trade.  

*How are their respective audiences involved? The Respective Auidences are invovled because they challenged both Historians point of veiw. They looked at Josephus closely because it is a primary source and compared it with Yigal Yadin.

*How have both Josephus and Yadin selected and omitted sources? Josephus and Yigal Yadin had selected & omitted sources because, one: Yigal failed to research his finds (Skeletons) properly and prove that they were Jewish not Roman, and second: Josephus just used the accounts of the Roman soldiers to write his history. 


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