Seven Hills of Rome Ancient and Modern

Twenty-seven hundred years ago, ancient Rome was built on seven hills that range from 150 to 180 feet high. On top of Capitol Hill, which symbolized the power of ancient Rome, the city administrative offices, partly designed by Michelangelo, now stand. On our first visit, from Capitol Hill we walked down a long staircase toward the Roman Forum. At the bottom of the staircase the Arco di Settimio Severo (the Triumphal Arch of Septimus Severus, marks the beginning of the Roman Forum.

Tired from our long trek through the city, we sat on the steps and rested for a few minutes. We had to move out of the way as a group of people came out of a plain doorway in a solid, high building wall next to the stairs.

During subsequent trips to Rome we discovered that doorway was the exit from the Mamertine Prison, the State Prison, dating from 105 BC. It is recorded that both St. Peter and St. Paul were, at one time, imprisoned here. Inside, the two-level building with ancient stone floors is an inspiring, but sad sight.

Tidbit by Jim and Emmy Humberd


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